Third Michigan Infantry, Company D3rd Michigan Infantry, Company D

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Welcome to the website for the 3rd Michigan Infantry Company D, a family friendly Civil War reenacting unit under the Washington Civil War Association (WCWA). Though we are based in the Spokane area, we contain members from all across the Northwest. We strive to honor the soldiers, civilians, and families of the Civil War by reproducing their everyday accomplishments, sacrifices, and daily activities at our reenactments and living history events throughout both Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Be sure to view the photographs from past reenacting events in our Gallery, read more about the original 3rd Michigan Infantry in our History page, and check our Events to see if there are any Civil War reenactments in your area! If you think reenacting is something you might enjoy, read the Enlistment page for answers to some common questions and to get contact information.

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